Cookies and Privacy

All data provided to Ed’s-Style is solely used to process your order and to improve the functionality of our webshop. Ed’s-style treats information obtained by cookies with the utmost care. Information is never provided to third parties, unless this is necessary by law and required for the fulfillment of a judicial court order. Our privacy guidelines are in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Registration with our site is not required, however, to order and be able to deliver your purchases here at the site, it’s more useful to register. Ordering goods at the Ed’s-Style webshop and completing your purchase without having registered first, is still possible! Therefore registration is not necessary.

In case you do decide to register at our webshop, we need the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your e-mail address
  • A valid billing address consisting of street name, house number and postal code and city
  • In case the billing address differs from the delivery address, we also need the same the same type of information in order to complete your delivery address
  • Your mobile phone number enabling us to reach you in case of necessity
  • A user name and password (to login to our webshop)

Your email address we use solely and exclusively for your order confirmation, if any change(s) or problem(s) arise concerning your order(s) and in the future (possibly) to keep you informed of our sales and new product(s) announcements. The same applies for your phone number in case of problems concerning your order that is.

If the information listed here is contrary to what is stated in our Terms and Conditions , which is highly unlikely, then our Terms and Conditions do prevail.


Cookie policy

Cookies are small text files that a website or webshop copies to the hard drive of your PC when you visit a website or webshop . These text files identify your computer and keep your preferences and technical information in direct relation to your visit at our website or webshop.

Cookies are being used to keep track of what products are in your cart and which products possibly are / are not on your wish list. Without these cookies the Ed’s-Style webshop is not able to track which goods you are buying, meaning you will not be able to buy anything at our / other webshop(s).

Besides the use of cookies for the shopping cart, we use this information, as well as information from our own log files, to be able to determine what improvements we could or should implement to further render your shopping experience more efficient.

Most web browsers are (pre)set in such a mode, that cookies are accepted automatically. However, if this function is disabled, there will be problems with the use of the shopping cart(s). This means that we need cookies so your products can be located in the active shopping cart so (eventual)  purchase(s) can be made ​​.

We guarantee that any information your browser or yourself exposed at our webshop (e.g. registration information, billing and or shipping addresses, email address and / or telephone numbers) will be used solely and exclusively on our website and will never be commercialized towards other / third parties and / or companies.


Ed’s-Style and my personal information?

Ed’s-Style will never expose private / personal information provided by customers and / or their pc’s to third parties except when required to comply to the eventual case of a judicial court order. However, we do use them to benefit our own knowledge promotion. Like most (web)shops Ed’s-Style keeps track of the number of visitors to the webshop regularly. We regularly carry out statistical analysis for which we use customer information. In such studies this “visitor data” enables us to continuously improve our site and shopping experience for (existing and future) customers for an even more enjoyable visit every time.