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Payment(s) via here on the Ed’s-Style Webshop

Payment (s) of products here at the Ed’s-Style site runs through ‘‘, our Dutch Payment Service Provider who processes payments done by our customers, per iDeal or Paypal

This is a perfectly legal Dutch company responsible for the handling of customer payments. If there is a (future) need for our customers, payments can be done by the use of credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.

As a result, we have a great potential to be able to provide you with several ways of paying, for starters with iDeal and / or Paypal.

Just to let you know it’s not strange you see the screens. It’s just part of the payment process. At the end of the steps you go through during the payment by, you will be redirected back to the Ed’s-Style site!


Payment via PayPal

Within the module, you will be able to use iDEAL with your own bank, just like any other website uses.  This procedure is  safe, secure and easy. You can use iDEAL without having the need to sign up for anything. When you are used to internet banking via ABN AMRO , ASN Bank , Fortis , Friesland Bank , ING , Rabobank , SNS Bank , SNS Regio Bank and Triodos Bank, you can use iDEAL for free


Here’s how it works :

You surf around at our website; once you’ve made up your mind you do want to buy something, you place your order in your shopping cart by clicking this very same option.  You can then choose to continue shopping or checkout and pay with (iDEAL , PayPal) .

Once chosen to pay via iDeal or PayPal you will be redirected to your online banking application, where you finish  your payment. Fill in the requested information and finish your payment.
The amount you pay for, is debited directly from your account . Ed’s -Style will be notified that your order is paid .
You will receive an Ed’s-Style confirmation of your order by e – mail.


Payment(s) via Paypal

Before shopping with us, or any other webshop, you can easily open a free PayPal account at the PayPal website. To then pay with your credit card or debit card you can link these to your PayPal account within the Paypal website.

You do not need to put any money in your PayPal account for the payment directly from your bank card or credit card. There are no additional costs associated with the use of PayPal as a payment method, PayPal and iDeal are absolutely 100% safe and secure! See for more information: ‘Paypal shop online


Payment(s) by credit card

At this it is NOT (yet) possible to use your Credit for payment(s);  please DO let us know if you would like this payment option on our site in future. If we have sufficient demand we will have extend services with credit cards etc.


Oddities at our site

Do you happen to see odd foreign currency ($ characters, odd amounts) signs on our site? If you see the wrong currency like for example dollar ($) signs instead of pound sterling, please empty / refresh your internet browser cache on your phone or desktop PC. After that, come back our (web)shop.


Questions and / or comments

In case you already checked the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) here on our site and you still have questions after reading the several information pages, please then do not hesitate to fill out the Contact Form and we wil be more then happy to answer your inquiry.