Our mission

Our mission as a young and new clothing company is adding to existing , popular brands like Levi’s , Wrangler , Diesel, Edwin , G-Star , PME Legend and example Tommy Hilfiger, our colorful and innovative Apparel Ed’s -Style as a new brand with its own patented appearance ( ie registered in the ETI trademark and design rights ) and a completely contemporary identity!

In our view , there is still enough room on the present clothing market for new , modern and fresh looking clothing. So we have put our heads together to investigate what we might add to the current, existing collection(s)!

To ensure that we maintain our own identity, we have decided to register our trademarks and designs at the OHIM, Span already in August 2012.

If you are interested in following what products we will bring to market via our website we recommend that you add our site to your BLOCKS Favorites and continue to follow us!


Our goal

Our goal is to contribute to the dynamic market of clothing. Right now there have been, and are still, many different types and brands of clothing and footwear but none have the outer looks and patented features that we are planning to use (and using right this moment)!

Therefore, we have embraced the challenge to design and produce our own clothing line and market it next to the many current major brands currently operating in the clothing market.

Since we have many and big ambitions, patents for our products are covering the whole of European territoryWe also hope to be able to market our products in the foreign market real soon.

Our target customers are the young and the old(er); everyone who is thrilled to wear fun, goodlooking clothing is actually suitable for our products! It will always remain a matter of taste, of course.


Patents (registration of trademark)

Everyone has heard about patents, capturing a particular idea or invention . This is to protect the same idea so others can not indiscriminately / take or after can go to create and / or additionally argue that the idea originates of them

Within the fashion world people never use term ‘patent’. Within the fashion world people only register their idea(s) / product(s) in the trademark and design law.

 As our clothing is unique in its kind, we have therefore decided to register at European level (!) in trademark and design law to protect against counterfeiting.So if people and / or companies decide to copy and sell clothing with the same outer trademarks, this gives us the right to stop them producing counterfeit clothing. If they do not respond to our request, we are entitled to proceed to prosecute the same producer until production of counterfeit clothing stops completel.

If anyone has seen clothing with the very similar or same trademarks Ed’s-Style is using, we would really appreciate it if you let us know where you have seen the clothes being sold. This way we can take appropriate action(s) to stop their production of these counterfeit clothes! You can let us know this easily via our Contact form here on our site.

It goes without saying that we would be very grateful, and you will be rewarded in the form of a free product, depending on the nature of your message to us.