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Thanks for visiting our site.

As we are starting with a limited collection we -for now- only sell pants for boys only, sorry!

You are into wearing inexpensive yet modern and original clothes? Do you like to get envious glances from your friends, wearing nice clothes? Does your waist size lie somewhere between your size(s) 24 and 31? (Dutch sizes)

For girls who nevertheless would like to try: smaller sizes (24/27 m) should fit without problems, larger sizes are (28/31) may be too small)! For girls, there is a solution as soon as possible.

Would you like to be informed when our pants are also available for larger sizes (girls)? If so, please click here and leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as our new models have arrived.

Look below for our special spring action!


Special 2015 "Back To School" Sale!

NOW eur 49,90 instead of eur 79,90 for an authentic Eds-Style pair of pants.

Meaning you save € 30,-!!

The (dutch!) size range of our pants have proven to be perfect for boys, in all sizes!

For the girls however; smaller girls do fit in our pants without problems (up till about size 27) once above that size our experiences have taught us that size(s) 28 till 31 might be "too tight / narrow"...

We are doing our best to be able to sell our pants to girls as well soonest!

You still have a question or you wish to stay informed about our pants for girls; please fill in our 'Contact Form' or 'mail us'. We'll be ansering your question(s) as soon as possible.





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