Why Ed’s-Style is reliable!


Reliability Ed’s-Style Webshop

The Ed’s-Style Webshop and buying products at our webshop is reliable as our goal is; placing a new, unique product in the clothing market. (See also ‘Our Mission‘)

Besides that,  Ed’s-Style is member of the ‘ZZP Nederland‘ organization (see logo up right at the site: ‘Aangesloten bij ZZP Nederland‘ as to ‘validate’ our company at their site as a valid and trustful commercial partner in business.

Ed’s-Style is completely transparant to our customers; please see ‘Company Info‘.

On top of that here at Ed’s-Style we too have a ‘cooling off’ period of 14 days after purchase; meaning you can return your product(s) [in ‘new-condition’] without any problems. To return your purchase(s) in the ‘cooling off period’, please click ‘here’.


Who or what is Ed’s-Style?

Ed’s-Style is a young and new company, offering young people a completely new clothing line, never to be found nor sold anywhere else on the world, by means of a nice and decent webshop: ‘Ed’s-Style Jeans‘.

As Ed’s-Style has invested a tremendous amount of time and effort in the development of a nice, modern, attractive and unique own Clothing Line, we have our product characteristics giving shape to our new Clothing Line registered at the European OHIM Organization.

Ed’s-Style can certify you, the reader and visitor of our website, that all transactions and communication(s) while shopping at the Ed’s-Styl webshop,  will be treated in an honest, orderly and polite fashion, never letting you, the customer, down in any which way imaginable!

Office for Harmonization in the Internal MarketAnd if you still would have doubts, you are always free to contact us! No problem!


Why is there no certification logo on this website (yet) so I can be reassured the website is reliable in fact?

There is no certification (yet) present at the website as Ed’s-Style is still investigating a possible official certification organization which provides us with the best balance for reliability and costs related to the fact that Ed’s-Style yet has a limited collection compared to other webshops.

Thanks for your understanding and willingness to accept our honesty.

In case of any doubts, questions or other things you might want to know; please DO contact us or fill in our contact form!